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Venice Simplon - Woman in Blue 1981 Framed French Travel Poster by Fix Masseau

Venice Simplon - Woman in Blue 1981 Framed French Travel Poster by Fix Masseau

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Venice Simplon - Woman in Blue is a 1981 French Travel poster by Fix Masseau (1905-1994) for the re-launch of the Venice Simplon Orient Express rail line. This poster proudly displays the elegance of a sleeping compartment on the train favoured by the stylish passenger. The artist, Pierre Fix-Masseau uses his signature art deco style which he developed throughout his long career.

Pierre Fix-Masseau was the son of accomplished French sculptor, Pierre Felix-Masseau. Fix-Masseau began his career as an apprentice to master Art Deco designer A.M. Cassandre, for whom he worked for from 1926 to 1928. This experience greatly impacted Fix-Masseau, who continued to work within the Art Deco style for the remainder of his long career. Cassandre's interest in foreshortening, heightened focal points, and flattened planes can be seen in Fix-Masseau's works. Fix-Masseau combined Cassandre's influence with his own mastery of perspective and intricate detail to create his own, distinctive style. Fix-Masseau is best remembered for his posters featuring railway and automotive themes.

Signed and dated on upper left corner. Framed in heavy, solid wood frame with art glass. 

Pierre Fix-Masseau was a leading poster designer in the Art Deco period whose work reveals a fascination with the high speed and new technology which typified the preoccupations of the age. Transport was one of the most popular themes in Art Deco posters and Fix-Masseau’s work is dominated by ships, cars and trains. Where Art Nouveau was characterized by swirls and curves, Art Deco was defined by geometry and straight lines which were ideally suited to this new subject matter. Consequently the leading poster artists of the day - Rex Whistler, Cassandre and Fix-Masseau - would often be commissioned by companies wishing to promote leisure and tourism.

32.25" x 20.25". 

Excellent vintage condition - very few small signs of wear. This item cannot be shipped. Delivery only. 

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