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Set of 6 Fornasetti Snack Bowls

Set of 6 Fornasetti Snack Bowls

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Piero Fornasetti set of 6 bar snack/appetizer bowls dating from the mid-late 20th Century.

Each small cup is decorated in black and white with a frame surrounding the name of the contents and a wide gilt band to the foot and inner rim. The subjects are peanuts, onions, almonds, cheese, sausage, and olives.

Mark: There is a black Fornasetti Milano/made in Italy on a black printed star with the hand and brush in the centre.  

Dimensions: 2 inches high x 3 inches diameter

Reference: Fornasetti, The Complete Universe, Barnaba Fornasetti, Page 560, #13, where the bowls are called appetizer bowls.  Sold in sets of six, there were twenty-six different designs.

The Fornasettian decorative style gives an unmistakable touch to this set of bowls, made of hand-decorated porcelain: a collector's ensemble capable of standing out on your table.

Any minor discrepancies between similar creations are the result of craftsmanship and attest to the uniqueness of each product.

Piero Fornasetti was an Italian engraver, interior decorator, and artist. Born on November 10, 1913 in Milan, Italy, he attended and was later expelled from the city’s Brera Art Academy. He was later expelled again—this time from Italy altogether—during World War II, and went on to develop as an artist in Switzerland. Fornasetti is known for using a swath of fanciful motifs such as the sun, moon, playing cards, animals, and other Surrealist imagery. He is best known for the recurring face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri, using her image across numerous works, including a series of 350 individual plates. Most of the artist’s pieces are executed in black and white—the total number of his designed objects are in the tens of thousands. He died on October 9, 1988 in Milan, Italy.


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